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since 2008​

We began catering out of our small Fryeburg location about eight years ago. We started small, but came to realize how wonderful and fun it is to be apart of the special events in peoples lives, and quickly expanded our services. It is Wonderful to do our small part in creating an amazing day to remember.

There are two things that really set us apart from other catering companies and restaurants,

The First is our catering menus, we really don't have any! While we have sample menus to use as guidelines, we really pride ourselves on working as a team to create a menu that is specific to your tastes, desires, budget and needs. We get very creative and have done so many great and unique menus over the years.

The other thing is our staff. We have a five person, core catering team who have worked events together for 10 years. Our team loves weddings, we love people and go above and beyond to make your day perfect. We don't just cater, we coordinate. We don't just serve food, we serve you. Unlike other catering businesses, we spend hours meeting and talking with brides, grooms, families, coordinators and such so that we can help with all the logistics, questions, planning, mishaps and last minute changes. When you hire our team, you get so much more than dinner, you get a group of people that work closely with you to ensure that no detail is left behind. We don't charge for the extra work, we look at it as a part of the job. Our job is to help make sure your day is perfect.

Our food is amazing. Our staff is kind, fun and organized. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you and create an amazing event.

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